ITEC 640 – Discussion Topic: Project Stakeholders

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Hi please, read and comment on peer discussions in 100 words minimum with at least 2-3 credible references in APA style.

Peer 1:

One example of a very large IT project is the Obamacare website.

This website was supposed to solve the project of people being able to get health insurance. Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, was put into place to make healthcare more affordable. It was supposed to “reduce the amount of uncompensated care the average family pays for” (Davalon, 2022). A website was then required to allow those in need to easily be able to sign up for the affordable health care that was being offered. Users needed to be able to log in, get an overview of all available plans, create a new healthcare plan, manage an existing one, and, if necessary, unenroll in the plan as well. This project would require a design that allows thousands of users to be online at once without overwhelming the system, and it needs to be user-friendly enough for said users to actually be able to use it. A software enginner would need to write the code for the website itself, followed by someone in the user experience sector (UX/UI) to verify that the site would be user-friendly. Then the website would need to be tested for viability before being implemented and released to the public.

Some of the stakeholders for this type of project would be the people, employers, states, as well as healthcare providers (Sharamitaro, 2013). These stakeholders did not get much control over the project. This is because this is a government project, and the number of stakeholders is too vast for them to be able to look and have a say. The majority of these stakeholders would not see how the website turned out until it is implemented.

I would also like to point out that when the Obamacare website was originally released in 2013, it immediately crashed. According to “The Morning Call”, only six people in the country were able to select coverage on the day that it launched (Muschick, 2016). I believe that if more time had been allowed for this project, then it might have had more luck. Three years is not much time to work on a project of that scale, especially one meant to be used by hundreds of thousands of people.

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Peer 2: The project would entail the creation of a website that would sell books online. This would require the development of a user interface, a shopping cart, and a payment system. The website would need to be designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The project would also require the development of a back-end system to manage inventory and orders. This system would need to be able to track what books are in stock, process orders, and ship books to customers. The project would be a large and complex undertaking. It would require a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals to complete.

The stakeholders for the project would be the shareholders, the CEO, the board of directors, and the IT team. The shareholders would have the most control over the project because they are the ones who own the company. The Board of directors would have the third most control because they provide oversight and guidance to the CEO. The CEO would have the second most control because he or she is responsible for the overall direction of the company. The board of directors would have the third most control because they provide oversight and guidance to the CEO. The IT team would have the least control because they are responsible for implementing the project, not for making decisions about it.


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Peer 3:The project that I was recently hired on to involves the creation of a consumer resale website. The website will be used by its customers to resale new and slightly used shoes. The company owner, along with many other consumers on the internet, was tired of buying fake shoes on the internet. The idea is that the company would inspect shoes for quality and to make sure they are real, and would take a percentage of the shoe resale.

Stakeholders are people who are either involved in the project or affected by it. In project management there are both internal and external stakeholders. Internal project stakeholders consist of project manager, project team, support staff, and other internal customers like top level management and other functional managers. External project stakeholders consist of the projects external customers, competitors, suppliers, as well as other external groups involved with the process (Schwalbe, 2016).


Schwalbe, K. (2016). Information technology project management (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. Retrieved from hl=en&lr=&id=mPeoBAAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PR7&dq=types of %22stakeholders %22 in %22project management

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