research proposal- NAFTA

Learning Goal: I’m working on a international trade project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

not at essay just an outline/proposal

a. Topic

b. A brief description (three-to-four sentences) of what you anticipate writing about in your paper

c. Description of the relationship between your topic and the core values of community and/or personal development

d. A list of five possible subtopics

e. A list of five sources you plan to use. You do not need a complete APA-style reference entry for the topic approval process, though you will for the paper.

Provide the title of the article and date (if available) and the URL for the specific article (not the URL for the home page or an index page). Limited use of the textbook is permitted; however, it should not be the primary source.

4. Grading will be based on the following:

a. Completeness of the proposal b. Clarity of the writing c. Appropriateness of the topic, subtopics, and resources

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