SWOT and SOWT analysis for Coca- Cola

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Caution: read pages 164-169 and all parts of this assignment carefully before starting. ( This assignment is about Coca- Cola).

Part one: Perform a SWOT analysis and create at least 8 specific strategies (not strategy types) based on combining different parts of the SWOT per the textbook on page 167. It should look like figure 6-3 on page 168. SO and ST strategies are offensive, while WO and WT strategies are defensive. A company must do both at the same time. As you found out in previous assignments, strategies are specific things a company can do. Do not say a strategy is Forward Integration. That is a strategy type. You may use the free template found at strategyclub.com to partially complete this assignment, but do not turn in the template, You may copy it and turn it in as a word doc, or you may create your own. Determine at least two SPECIFIC strategies each for the four areas of SO, ST, WT, and WO. Remember, strategies are very specific. Just saying they should have more R&D is not enough. You need to say what they are trying to do with more R&D. Follow the example in figure 6-3, pg 168. You only need two for each area, but you can do more. Also, they must make sense considering the mission and vision statement. Your strategy portion should look like the following table with the SWOT’s you used to create the strategy listed after it. Again, follow the figure 6-3 example. Submit as a word document. Remember, you can do more than 2 each.

Part two: After determining your strategies, copy and fill in the table below, matching your strategies in the spaces in the right hand column to the different types of strategies on the left. Be sure to write your entire strategy, not just SO or similar. You will not have a strategy associated with each strategy type, so blanks are fine. Turn in both tables as word documents.

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