Reflective writing

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Responses must be a minimum of 150 words and include the word count below your response. (Type your response in Microsoft Word so you can see the word count, include your word count below your response when you copy your response into the discussion.)

Here’s the prompt:

  • Consider socialization (as explained in the textbook) and the various values, beliefs, attitudes, norms, foodways, gender roles, language, and other cultural attributes you have learned from the agents of socialization in your life.
  • Which agents of socialization have been most influential in shaping your worldview and behaviors? On a personal level, what makes some agents of socialization more influential than others?
  • Based upon what you read in chapter 5, how does a person’s choice of news outlets shape their socialization?

We’ll talk more about culture in next week’s Lecture Notes (specifically about values, beliefs, attitudes, norms, foodways, gender roles, language, and other cultural attributes), but you’re welcome to look ahead at those notes (LN #6) if it helps you to answer the above questions. You can also look back at the textbook chapters on Culture and Sexuality.

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