OSHA-CSB: Process Safety Reporting

Learning Goal: I’m working on a mechanical engineering exercise and need guidance to help me learn.

First, visit https://www.csb.gov/ and identify an incident except Texas City and Bhopal incident.
Prepare a project report detailing: what incident occurred, what steps would be required to prevent
such an incident again, and what impact has this specific incident had on regulations of similar
Format: Cover page, Introduction, Details on the incident, Available safeguards,
Prevention/Mitigation strategies, Propose inherently safer design, conclusions, and
The final report should be approximately 2-4 pages of content in Times New Roman 12 font at 1.5
spacing. Please add a cover page and references, which are not included in the page limit. Include
citations for where the incident was reported (local news, USEPA, etc.) and, if possible,
information about the process and the safety incident itself. Information from SDS’s will be useful
for outlining the specific hazards of the chemicals involved in the process, which should be cited.
The following questions should be addressed in the report;
1. What chemical process was being performed?
2. Provide the key reaction/processing steps if possible (specifics may be proprietary).
3. What was the specific safety incident that occurred?
4. What was the resulting damage (property, people, and environment)?
5. Have any regulations changed due to this incident?
6. Could existing regulations, if followed, have prevented/mitigated this incident?
7. What methods could have been used to prevent/mitigate incidents like this (HAZOP,
regular safety review, training check-ups, safety audits)?
8. (If possible) Are there inherently safer design options available that could have
prevented/mitigated this incident?
Grading Outline
Description of safety incident; 25%
A full score would address what incident occurred and include information on the process, any
safety or processing steps that were not followed leading up to the incident, and the effects of the
Description of regulatory effects before/after incident; 25%
A full score would address what regulations were not followed, if any, that led to the safety incident
as well as any regulations that created as a result of this incident. Sources should be cited
Suggested changes/inherently safer design; 25%
A full score would recommend changes in addition to the regulatory changes that could help
prevent similar incidents in the future. These suggestions should be supported by principles of
inherently safer design and citations to SDS or other sources to strengthen the recommendation.
Writing Quality; 15%
A full score would have few grammar or spelling mistakes. Simple technical writing is expected.
Citations; 10%
All references must be cited in any format (MLA,APA, etc.) both in-text as well as at the end of
the document. This includes the CSB video of the assigned incident.

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