Software Engineering Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a software engineering multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assignment Submission:

Submit your assignment as a SINGLE ZIP file that has

1. All Visio Diagrams – files

2. The PDF document that has all the diagrams and the answers inline below every question including the essay/textual questions.


Assignment Deliverables:

Submit your assignment that has the following artifacts:

 Complete list of classes used in your design

 Create the complete UML Design class diagram in Visio

 List of the Design patterns that you have used in your design class


 Clearly annotate your Visio class diagram where you used the design patterns in your design

 Capture the design class diagram (you might use shft+PrtScr or any scree-capture tool) and save it/them as image(s) in the PDF file that you are submitting as the solution for this homework.


This assignment will complement Assignment #1, and Assignment #2 to achieve the following:

1. Create the UML Design class diagram based on the artifacts developed in Assignment #2 and the newly introduced/modified requirements listed below.

2. Utilize three design patterns in your new design class diagram.

3. Clearly document where these design patterns utilized in your new design class diagram.

4. UML Design class diagram must show clearly where the design patterns used in your design

New and Modified Requirements Requested by the Customer:

The following requirements have been added to the initial list of requirements given in Assignment #1:

1. A customer can subscribe/unsubscribe to receive email notifications for new product releases

2. A customer can subscribe/ unsubscribe to receive email notifications for Special Sale Events

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