Finishing the Project Discussion

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Leadership and Strategy Execution

Your initial post should be 300 words in length


For this week, read the following assigned articles:

Delk, C. W. (2019). Leadership: A Simple Situational Approach: Strategic Leadership for a practical leadership style. Leadership Excellence, 36(5), 14–16.

Braun, E. (2016). Multiplying Your Results with Culture. Leader to Leader, 2016(79), 6–11.

BLANCHARD, K. (2020). High-Involvement Change Leadership. Chief Learning Officer, 19(4), 15.

After reading these articles, address the following questions:

  • Discuss how managerial leadership can foster a high-performance culture.
  • What is the role of managerial leadership in changing a corporate culture that is problematic?
  • Identify leadership styles and organizational culture that helps with strategy execution.
  • Discuss how COVID-19 global pandemic poses a challenge for organizations to develop a sound strategy.
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