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  1. For MA 2, you should be thinking of a personal topic that you plan to discuss. What social issue matters to you? Why? Keep in mind that the majority of your assignment should focus on a personal experience that you have had (not someone else’s). What larger topic are you interested in connecting the issue to?
  2. Find a news article or other informative text (not Wikipedia) that discusses an issue to which your experience connects. How does it help you understand your own experience? What larger context does it provide? Do you find yourself disagreeing or agreeing? How do you imagine most people feel about this issue? How do you hope to change your reader’s thinking — i.e. what’s your purpose?
  3. Write a short, informal essay responding to these questions. This should include a brief summary and reaction to the article you read (from Honore or Blanda, linked on the assignment sheet above). You should also briefly describe the personal experience you plan to write for MA 2.
  4. Submit your work as an MLA formatted Word document or a PDF.

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