Introduction to Programming: answer the following questions

Learning Goal: I’m working on a programming question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Task 2: MOOC Course (10 marks)

( You do not have to take the course, just write an overall general idea about it)

Undertake the MOOC… procedural-programming-3 .

Answer the following based on the MOOC:

Provide an overall reflection and summary of the MOOC including your experience in learning the coursethat helped you to Learn the fundamentals of computing in Python (word count: 100 words).


Task 3: Arrays (30 marks)

Write and execute a JAVA program that will allow the user to input the prices of 7 items into anarray using for loop. The program should determine the maximum price using while loop andthen display the same.

Sample output:

Note: student id should be appended to variables names compulsorily to avoid similarity


Task 4: Class and Object

Create a class named Points with the following data members: custIdnamephonePoints andinternetPoints.

Implement the following member functions in class Points:

I. Input() to input customer’s data (custId and name).

II. getPoints() to input the phone points and internet points.

III. calcPoints() to calculate the total points based on phone points and internet pointsusing value-return method.

IV. calcBonus() to calculate the bonus points using value-return method. If total points is greater than 35, then bonus will be 10%, else if total point is greater than 20, thenbonus will be 5%, otherwise 0%.

V. display() to display customer’s custId, name , total Points and bonus.

Create class that hosts the main method and create one object. The created object should beused to call the respective functions to test their functionalities and display appropriatemessages.

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