Website Development Question

Option 1, Create a WebSite to market ITSM Services

you all are the owners of an IT Consulting Business. Your business works with companies to help them establish a world class ITSM framework for their IT Team.

In this assignment you will be creating the website of your company, and the idea of this website is to market your business and to clarify the ITSM benefit to your customers.

The website should have explanation about the major ITSM processes, Incidents, Service Request, Service Catalog, Change, Problem, Configuration, Risk, Knowledge Management…. (at least 6 topics, if you add more that will give some credit)

Make Sure the Web pages, use nice professional format, also include Videos “from YouTube is fine don’t have to make your own”, you can also add Photos, Diagrams, and Links to external articles and webpages.

Design Advice:

  • Remember the website is targeting your customers, they might have some ITSM knowledge, but they are not experts, so make sure you address them appropriately.
  • No need for hundreds of lines of information, Simplify the ideas using your Own words, for each topic have 2 to 3 paragraphs that will define the process, discuss the most important features, then also point the benefits of this process. You may then add a few extra links to external pages or videos that can be used by the user to provide more detail if he/she needs.
  • I recommend you have a separate page for each topic.

How to do it

This is not a web design course homework, so you don’t need to complicate yourself, simply use any free website building tool such as Google Site or WordPress.

At the end of the term, you will present your website to the class.  The class will determine which website best represents the ITSM topics, as well as style, professionalism, and ease of use.

Here are the list of Tasks and their Due dates:

  1. Comparison of WordPress and Google site                                      Week 2           
  • Decide about WordPress and Google site.
  • Build the Website skeleton, (create the empty pages, with just titles, setup the links, setup the basic of the website design and color, read the document so that you know what pages you need to create)
  • Create your Home Page, (Your Company Name, Logo) Again, don’t waste your time on photoshop and graphic design, just use any photos from online and focus on the contents.
  • Create The “About us” page that should briefly describe your company, and also include partners profile and biography (your names and basic info).
  1. Create the contents of the pages on going as we go through theory

Create the content for the ITSM modules that you have selected. Keep in mind that you need to select at least 6 ITSM modules and the following three are mandatory.

  • Incident management
  • Service Request Management
  • Service Catalog and Self Service.
  • Change management


Again, for each of these the page should have in your own words an explanation of:

  • What is this process used for.
  • What the benefit of using it.
  • How it will help the customer’s company when he does it right.
  • A brief explanation of how it works.
  1. Change management flow chart Due Week 4

In order for you to be able to explain the benefits of having documented processes to the customer, we will need to create a flowchart that explains the Change Management Process.

The flowchart should include the 5 steps of the change management process as discussed in Chapter. 4 as well as the process for normal, standard, and emergency change requests.


  1. Create a Self-Service Form Due Week 5

In order for us to help the customer understand the benefits of the self-service forms we need you to add a page that contain a form that the user can fill to order some service from the IT department, (this is a dummy form for demonstration purpose).

Select the topic of self-service, then decide what questions you will ask the user and which fields are mandatory, for example here are some topics:

  • Request computer (desktop of laptop) for the employee
  • Request New Mailbox for team.
  • Request a Virtual Machine
  • Request a printer
  • Request Support for an Event (need projectors, microphone, laptops, printers…)

Here is a sample paper form for a mailbox request





  1. FAQs Page Due Week 5

Every service provider should create a FAQ page on their website, based on that you will need to have yours; it should have at least 10 FAQ about most common question regarding ITSM.

  1. Your choice – To Get Extra Grade

Select any additional things that you think they will be nice to add, this will give me a chance to give you few extra grades.

  1. Presentations                 Due June 9 (worth 40%)

The whole group will meet with your instructor to present the website, you will need to make sure you that share the speaking part each of you have to speak and present.

Your instructor will ask random questions to each of you and is expecting that all student know what that was done, “that was not my part” is not an acceptable answer and will result zero assignment grade.

You can divide the work, but you still need to understand and read everything that written in the site.

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