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Learning Goal: I’m working on a other project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

PC Build Forum Assignment!
Your assignment is to build a PC! Well, at least pick out the parts for it. AND you have to come in at $2,100 or LESS!!! I know you can build a super cheap one for under $500, but it is not going to cost YOU anything, so we can pick something nice!
I will include a short video on how i want you to do it.

Now, here is the link to PC Part Picker CLICK HERE

Here are the steps:

1. Go to PC PART PICKER and build your PC.

2. On the final build page, look for the “Markup:” area and pick the </> symbol. Copy all of the highlited material.

3. Create a discussion called “My build – Named “#########”” (think of a good name for your build, like “Baby Gamer” or “Minecraft Box” or “Basic Business Multi Machine”

4. Edit your discussion by showing the advance menu and clicking on the </> symbol and pasting it in. Watch the video i linked to!


OK, here are the parts i want you to pick:

Pick a good one that can be used for business, some gaming, and some multimedia work.

CPU Cooler
Do you need one? Is a cooler included in the CPU box? Do you want to go for liquid cooling? Do you need a “low profile” type to fit into small cases?

Are you sure it will match up with the CPU? What “Form Factor” do you want? Are you thinking about building a “Mini System”? If you want Integrated Graphics, will the CPU support it?

Will the memory be compatible with the CPU and the Motherboard? How much should you get? Will getting two sticks be better than getting one? How much can fit on the motherboard?

Do you want a mechanical hard drive, a SATA SSD, or even a M.2 SSD? OR do you want all three?
Will the motherboard support the M.2? What type is supported?

Video Card
Do you want a seperate card? Can you just use the integrated graphics on the MB? Will the CPU/Motherboard even support Integrated graphics? What is good for gaming and multimedia apps? How much power does it need from the PSU?

What “Form Factor” do you want? Full size tower or small mini system? Will the motherboard and graphics fit? Will the cooling system fit?

Power Supply
How many watts should it have? Do you need modular cables? Does it match with the motherboard? Does it need to be bronze certified or higher? Will it have the cables to fit the graphics card?

Operating System
Are you getting Windows? What applications do you need to use? Will the OS work with them. What OS are you able to use? Should you get full retail or OEM?

Case Fans (At least 3)
What size fans will fit into your case? Does your case already come with fans? Do you need lighted fans?

How big a monitor do you need? What refresh rate and resolution will be good with business, gaming, and multimedia applications? What connectors does the monitor need to connect to your PC?

Do you want a wired or wireless keyboard? Do you want higher quality mechanical keys for gaming? Do you want a dedicated keypad?

Do you want a wired or wireless mouse? Do you want more precision for gaming?

Do you want seperate speaker and microphone, or will a gaming headset work?

Do you want HD, or 4K quality? Does it have a included microphone?

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