ENTD261 D002|Introduce Yourself and The Role of Scripting- Alyssa Kidd

Learning Goal: I’m working on a scriptwriting discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Hi class!

My name is Alyssa Kidd, and I am now serving as a cyber transport technician in the Air Force. We’re notorious for being jacks of many crafts but masters of none in my industry. I’ve been in the military for approximately three and a half years and am still considering whether to join the national guard or leave totally. My hubby and I have been married for about four years and have three fur kids. Two of them are Pembroke Welsh Corgis, while the third is a cat. Peanut, Butters, and Pepper are their names. Learning a lot about health and fitness and power building is a passion of mine. My family was enormous into running and obstacle courses like Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, and more when I was little, so I’ve always been a fitness junkie. I didn’t begin lifting until I was in high school when I discovered my passion for weightlifting, which led to my interest in power building. This course is part of my Cybersecurity degree program that is why I’m taking it. I’m hoping to learn a lot and obtain plenty of information that I can apply in the future. I admit that I’ve struggled with programming in the past, but I love it once I get it to work. Scripting is highly beneficial to a network administrator. One of them is time, which, with the correct script, can do several difficult jobs. I recall a guy showing me something he did on his computer a few years back where he modified the text on a webpage to say hello instead of the original text it had before. I was enthralled by how he accomplished it, and he shared his script with me. We aren’t aware of how much we encounter scripts in our daily lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a store, at home, or work. When you go to the grocery store to buy groceries and use the barcode scanner, the information is sent to the system, which runs a script to add up your total and give you the price. Alternatively, scanning your gym membership will automatically record that you came in that day due to scripts.

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