Biology Question

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Chapter 3 Assignment: The Cellular Level of Organization

1. Describe the structure and molecular makeup of the cell membrane?

2. Name 3 mechanisms that cells use to transport and regulate materials into and out of the cell?

3. Describe the functions of at least 4 different cytoplasmic organelles?

4. What is the difference between Hypertonic, Hypotonic and Isotonic solutions?

5. How are free radicals formed in the body?

Chapter 4 Assignment: The Tissue Level of Organization

1. Identify the main tissue types found in the human body and discuss their roles?

2. Distinguish between the following types of epithelial tissues and provide one example of each in the human body?

simple squamous epithelium

simple cuboidal epithelium

simple columnar epithelium

transitional epithelium

3. Describe the structure and function of endocrine and exocrine glands and their respective secretions?

4. Identify three types of muscle tissue and their function?

5. Identify the classes of cells that make up nervous tissue?

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