WK4 Mind and Body Discussion

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing discussion question and need a reference to help me learn.

Objective 4: Explain the mind and body connection and how spiritual dimensions of illness and recovery are significant to the same.

The “mind-body” connection, as found in the biopsychosocial model and medically validated in psychosomatic illnesses, has become primary in therapy and academic approaches to physical and mental health. The “mind-body” connection tells us that thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can affect our physical health and conversely our physical state can affect our mental and emotional state also. Any spiritual approach to illness and recovery needs to embrace and include the reality of this relationship in its practices.

This activity shall help you to understand the concept of “psychosomatic” and the “mind-body” connection. You also will recall your own experiences of this perspective and share the same in your discussion.

  • In the Johnson text, complete the exercise starting on page 21 (remember that this is merely an exercise). Once you finish the exercise, score it, and go to table of contents to find the appropriate chapter for your score. For example, if you are scored an INTJ, go to Chapter 6. Read that particular chapter to see more about this personality type.
  • Also, go to the following website: https://www.healthgrades.com/conditions/psychosomatic-illness
  • In your initial post, first share your personality type from the exercise and how God can use this for His glory. Second, apply the emphasis of a positive sense of self-esteem (the way we think and feel about ourselves) and the relationship to both physical and emotional well-being. Last, answer this: How does a person in Christ affect personality, self-esteem, and healing?
  • Use all of the resources provided to you to support your discussion and ensure the following is included:
    • Psychosomatic illness and the mind-body connection.
    • A contrast of low self-esteem and positive self-esteem and their consequences, as well as the damage of sin vs. forgiveness in Christ.
    • Your own experiences as to your personality type, your self-esteem, and its effects.it is a discussion question that should require approximately 30 minutes, 4-5 paragraphs. . It usually lets me pick, but I pressed the button too many times in a row and I do not know how to edit it. I have taken the exercise that gives my TYPE and scanned the chapter you need to discuss it.here is a copy of the link in the question and attached is the chapterTYPE: ESTP (The Energizer)
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