15 questions calculations




  1. On a level road, you phyllis a 25.7kg wagon with a force of 29.4 newtons for a distance of 16.7 meters. calculate the work you did on the wagon
  2. calculate the kinetic energy of a 0.134kg baseball traveling at 21.6m/s
  3. how much work was done by the pitcher on the baseball in the previous problem?
  4. you throw a ball straight up with a speed of 17.4 m/s. calculate how high the ball goes using the language of energy. neglect frictions. mass is unknown.
  5. at the top of a 11.40 m high water slide you start with a. speed it 10.5 m/s and dive into the slide. neglecting friction, calculate the speed at the bottom. mass and acceleration are unknown. use conservation of energy
  6. While demonstrating springs, i pushed on the top of my ball point pen with a maximum force of 0.901 newtons which compressed the little springs in the pen by 0.0132. then i help the pen top next to a gold ball and released the spring. it pushed the ball which rolled across the table. the mass of the ball was 0.0379 kg. calculate the speed of the golf ball after the pen pushed it
  7. a 0.150 kg golf ball moving horizontally at 7.8 m/s hits w 2.2 kg block that is at rest on a frictionless table. the ball bounces backwards at 2 m/s. calculate the speed of the block just after the collision
  8. a block with an unknown mass slides at 2.82 m/s on a horizontal frictionless surface and it collided with an identical block that was at rest. they stick together. they then slide onto w rough board that has a coefficient of friction of 0.331. calculate the distance they slide before stopping
  9. when a 0.284kg mass is hung carefully on a spring, the spring sags by your 0.13 meters. calculate the period of vibration when the mass is bounced a small amount
  10. a dvd starts spinning and reaches an angular speed of 147 radians/second in 4 seconds. calculate the angular acceleration in radians/s
  11. a merry go round accelerate uniformly from rest to 1.49 rad/sec in 14 seconds. through how many radians does in rotate in that time
  12. the moment of inertia of a small merry go round is 6133kg m^2. calculate the torque needed to accelerate it from rest to 4 rad/sec in 16 seconds
  13. in a playground a 53.8 kg friend site 1.17 m to the left of the pivot of a see saw. calculate the distance to the right of the pivot that a 31.65 kg friend should sit to balance it
  14. calculate the fluid pressure on an object that is at a depth of 9.90m in pure water
  15. calculate the buoyant force on a 0.25 kg stick of butter that is submerged in plain water to a depth of 1.5m. it’s dimensions are 0.032m by 0.032 m by 0.13m
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