English Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need support to help me learn.

Directions for Essay #1

Develop one of the topics from your Writing Journal into a five-paragraph essay. In order to fully brainstorm the topic, you must use The Writing Process as described in your course textbook. Review pages 1-26 and 44-87 as you brainstorm. Pages 88-135 will assist with your thesis and help you incorporate researched material.

Finished length of the essay: Five-paragraphs, 500-750 words (approximately 3 full pages in MLA-format)

Active Thinking/Brainstorm: Use “The Big Six” method to critically think about your subject. Reframe each of the six Big Six questions (who, what, when, where, why, how) in order to generate a copious amount of usable material. Your journal should act as the starting point for this brainstorm.

Use concrete language as you work and be as detailed as possible. Move beyond the surface of the topic to narrow your subject to something only you could write. Do not attempt this in one sitting. Plan to work on the brainstorm over several day

Research (1 source)In order to familiarize yourself with MLA-formatted research, you are required to include one in-text citation (but no more than two) in this essay. The source (or, as MLA calls it, the “container”) must be reliable. Use one of the CGTC’s Library resources to find a source.

Drafting: Remember that academic writing blends ethos, pathos, and logos. Each body paragraph must utilize these three methods of argument, not just one. You can easily establish ethos by mastering MLA formatting rules and by selecting a title for your essay that informs your reader about the essay’s content. Pathos and logos can be achieved by Actively Thinking about your subject and thoroughly using The Writing Process.

Introduction and Conclusion: These paragraphs should only be written once the thesis and body paragraphs are written. Your introduction must “hook” the reader’s attention, so the use of pathos (and possibly logos) are necessary. The conclusionshould answer the question: Why should my reader/audience care about the subject of my essay? What do I hope the reader will learn from my essay?

Title: Remember that the title cannot be one word or abstract. Nor can it share the title of the research. Your title should signal to the reader what the essay is going to contain. Consider pulling a phrase from the essay and using it as your title. Review the textbook pages about creating an effective title.

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