Smart Parking System

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Use the following outline to complete your Project:

1. Synopsis/Executive Summary

    • Outline the purpose of the Project (What are you trying to solve?)
    • Outline the issues and findings of the project without specific details.
    • Identify the theory that will be used.
    • Note any assumptions made (you may not have all the information you’d like so some assumptions may be necessary e.g.: “It has been assumed that…”, “Assuming that it takes half an hour to read one document…”).

2. Findings

    • Identify the problems found in the project by:
      • analyzing the problem, supporting your findings with facts given in the case, the relevant theory, and course concepts.
      • searching for the underlying problems
    • This section is often divided into sub-sections.

3. Discussion

    • Summarise the major problem/s.
    • Identify alternative solutions to this/these major problem/s.
    • Briefly outline each alternative solution and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.
    • There is no need to refer to theory or coursework here.

4. Conclusion

    • Sum up the main points from the findings and discussion.

5. Recommendations

    • Choose which of the alternative solutions should be adopted.
    • Briefly justify your choice explaining how it will solve the major problem/s.
    • This should be written in a forceful style as this section is intended to be persuasive.
    • Here integration of theory and coursework is appropriate.

6. Implementation

    • Explain what should be done, by whom, and by when.
    • If appropriate include a rough estimate of costs (both financial and time).

7. References Make sure all references are cited correctly

    • In-text citations to each and every paragraph are mandatory
    • Minimum of 7 peer-reviewed references (no wiki or sites ending
    • Minimum of 1500 words
    • No plagiarism/spinbot/synonymic words, please
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