Eastern vs Western approach to nutrition

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The roadmap analogy focuses on supporting the local and regional governments. Also, help with their association to implement and monitor the SDGs. The roadmap helps with raising awareness and advocating for active roles and supporting them to make decisions towards achievements for SDG (Commitment Roadmap-United Nations, n.d.). The menu focuses on the list of things that will be undertaken and not how the goal is attained. The SDG focus on a goal such as awareness, advocacy, implementation, monitoring, and next steps. Goal six focuses on clean water and sanitation, which is important to health because, during the COVID-19 pandemic sanitation, hygiene, and clean water helped prevent diseases (United Nations, n.d.). Whereas, goal 10 focuses on reducing inequalities because it will help the countries with weaker health systems. Also, the two key targets for reaching goal 3 are strengthening the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and achieving universal health coverage (United Nations, n.d.). Universal health coverage helps with the need without any type of financial hardship and treatment for substance use will help an individual understand their behaviors by creating healthy coping mechanisms. Overall, the two actions that I would take to help make progress towards reaching SDG as a global society are investing in renewable encourage the community to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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