journal entry 2

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

You will be expected to complete four journal entries throughout the semester to the corresponding Discussion Board per the schedule outlined in the course syllabus. Journaling is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the details of readings (chapters) while drawing connections between your experiences and course materials. The use of “I” and the discussion of personal experiences is expected within your assignments.

After reading Jaydelle Celestine’s article “Did I Create the Process? Or Did the Process Create Me? Pages 205-216, choose one of the “Questions for Discussion and Journaling” on pages 215-216 to create and post a 250-500-word answer. You must include the question at the top of your answer. The question does not count toward word limits/ requirements for the assignment.

Important: You are expected to review all of the questions and answers that have been submitted. Then, select one of the answers and provide a 50-100 word detailed and constructive response to your peer. Your response requires more information than simply stating agreement or disagreement with your peer’s. Provide specific feedback that focuses on the information that your peer has already provided.

Journal Entry #2:

Provide a clear argument that is well-developed and logically organized (2%)

Connect with details of selected reading (2%)

Connect with your experiences as a learner (1%)

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