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Disability Adjusted Life Years (DAILYS) are measurements of the years of life in connection to the burden of diseases and the severity of illness and disability (Moini & Samsam, 2020). DAILYS were first created to measure the global disease burden and help create cost-effective health interventions. The calculation is that years of life lost (YLL) added to years lost due to disability (YLD) equals DAILY (Moini & Samsam, 2020). A DALY is one year of a healthy life lost. Using just mortality and morbidity data can create information gaps about communicable, non-communicable diseases, and injuries causing health issues in populations worldwide. Causes of death by health diseases and disease burdens are constantly changing, so it is essential to have different categories of DALYs.

The two countries with different sociodemographic levels that I chose to compare are Cuba and the Republic of Korea. The primary cause of DALYS in Cuba is ischemic heart disease at 10.41% of the total DALYS (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2022). The primary cause DAILY in Korea is back pain at 5.84% of the total DALYS (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, 2022).

When comparing Korea and Cuba DALYS, the most significant differences I noted were ischemic heart disease, self-harm, and HIV percentages. Korea’s self-harm DALYS is 4.53%, compared to Cuba at 1.71%. According to Cheon et al., 2020, suicide has been the most common cause of death among adolescents in Korea due to media and peer influences and family stressors. In Korean society, many parents place significant pressure on their children about their education and career, which can contribute to the high self-harm DALYS. Korean students are often expected to attend an after-school study program after a 12-hour day at school. Sitting for long hours contributes to high lower back pain in Korea.

Cuba has a 10.41% of DALYS or ischemic heart disease compared to 3.36% in Korea. Cigarette smoking is the highest risk factor for Cuba due to the importance of tobacco in society. Cigarettes are used by 95% of smokers, and 60% of middle-aged men use tobacco daily. Food shortages are common in Cuban society, and citizens may have limited access to fresh veggies and healthy animal protein.

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