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Learning Goal: I’m working on a english writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

An illustration / example essay uses examples to back up a thesis. Generally, 3 is a good number of examples to use to develop a thesis idea; therefore, you will need to write a “5-paragraph essay” this week. You’ll learn all about how to do this in our modules. Please also study pages 48-51 of your textbook. You should make an outline of your paper before you begin writing (like the one you see in your book) because structure is very important in academic writing. You will have to turn this in to me.

Our topic this week is one that ties in nicely with all of our readings (and previews next week’s readings, too).

You’ll need to think about the concept of “home.” You can think of this term just about any way you want to think about it, so feel free to be creative in your exploration of the topic. You’ll need to think about this as a “big concept” and write a paper to define what this idea means to you. You can sub in words like “safe space” or “comfort zone” for “home” if you want to, whatever works toward helping you develop a thesis. Generally, we avoid clichés in academic prose, but thinking of a few might be a good way to start developing ideas of your own: two clichés about home are “Home is where the heart is” and “Home is where, when you go there, they have to take you in.” Don’t use those. Come up with ideas of your own. Try to create a “definition essay” to explore what a “refuge” or “retreat” or even a “mother ship” is to you. See pages 59-61 of your textbook for a discussion of “descriptive essays” and write an “extended definition” to define your variation on the concept. Sometimes a place can make us “feel at home” even if we don’t actually live there. I’ve often felt “at home” in libraries and bookstores. I’ve also felt “at home” in school. But then, you’d probably expect that out of an English teacher. What / where is your “home?” Write an essay to explore your own unique take on this concept.

Don’t include a dictionary definition. Everyone knows what the dictionary has to say about this subject. What we’re after when we read your essay is what YOU have to say about this topic. Use personal examples / details / ideas. You can / should use first person (“I” / “me”) as you develop your ideas in this paper.

Don’t do any research for this paper. We haven’t yet learned how to do that. Please note that there’s VERY LITTLE that you don’t have to cite in an academic paper when you bring in any info that doesn’t come directly out of your head. Some students think that if they look something up on their phone and don’t directly quote that in the paper, then that’s OK. Citations, however, aren’t just for quotes. Any time you use anything—even if all you do is paraphrase something you found online—you still have to cite that stuff and follow the correct rules for citing, so this time, just use your brain for this project since we haven’t yet got around to the rules for citing others. Your personal ideas and examples are important / valuable. Your personal stories are valuable. Use them to develop this essay.

Review paragraph structure. Study “introductions” and “conclusions” in your textbook. Write well-developed paragraphs. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words long. There’s no maximum word count in this class, but 750 is a firm minimum.

Write good sentences. Try to avoid grammar mistakes. Be sure to proofread carefully before you submit. Good writing generally doesn’t happen at the last minute, so give yourself time to write / re-write.

Submit a WORD document in the submission box in this module when you are ready

we read the other Wes moor chapter 2 and The Walden Zone

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