Jury Nullification

Learning Goal: I’m working on a law discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Add supporting DETAILS, CITATIONS and EXAMPLES to the following statement .

Would civilized society be better off or worse off if it expressly authorized jury nullification?

Jury nullification is the act of the jury reaching a verdict that may be opposing to the law due to it not applying to the case being presented. I believe that this should be an applicable procedure used in court proceedings on a case-by-case bases. I am not saying that anyone should break the law, but I believe that there are extenuating circumstances that would allow jury nullification to be present. I believe this supports the moral of people more so than the legal academics of the judges and the law. I believe jury nullification is nothing more than mankind giving a little grace and mercy just as God has given us. We cannot determine anyone’s fate, but I do believe that there have been incidents where justice was sought after, and this was a contributing factor. I believe it takes more honesty, alongside of the given facts, in order for this to be evenly distributed amongst any court room or situation seeking a verdict. You would also have to consider the pre-existing beliefs of the jurors going into the case. So, there are several variables that can shift the application of jury nullification, but I believe it has been applied in more than one case to help find justice in authorized spaces

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