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Staying current through research is an important aspect of education since new research, trends and concepts surface on a regular basis. In this course, you will conduct research on an instructional method you are considering using in your classroom. As you research the instructional method of your choice, be sure to begin a collection of articles that both support and do not support your choice, as you will need them in future assignments.

Use the following headers in this assignment:

Description Of Instructional Method

Reason For Choice Of Instructional Method

Potential Professional Growth Gained From Researching This Instructional Method

You must check your TURITIN plagiarism level to ensure the level is BELOW 15%. Once you upload your assignment, check the plagiarism level. If it is above 15% you must revise the assignment and resubmit prior to the deadline. The instructor will not allow you to revise the assignment due to a high level of plagiarism after the due date of the assignment

*Minimum one paragraph that includes description of Instructional Method Choice

*Minimum one paragraph that indicates reason for instructional method choice

*Minimum two paragraphs that discuss potential professional growth gained through
researching this topic

*Error Free Assignment, including correct use of seventh edition of APA Range

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