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How did industrialization affect the character of European overseas expansion? How did
people in the countries and regions subject to various forms of imperialist control struggle to
resist their subjugation by powerful foreign intruders? After answering these two very broad
questions, provide a more specific account of one country (your choice) where the dynamic
between control and resistance seems to you particularly illustrative or noteworthy.
We are working on two skills here. First, you want to be able to provide a reliable
summary of large historical processes (industrialization and modern imperialism). Reliable in
this case means someone reading your summary would get an accurate description of the central
developments that are occurring. Since it is a short writing assignment, you want to make sure
you discern and describe only the main points emphasized by lecturer and/or textbook author.
Second, you want to be able to provide a detailed account of one particular setting where the
larger processes just described can be seen in operation. The more specific information you
supply here should be consistent with – help illustrate or flesh out – the broad generalizations
made in response to the first two questions. Throughout, you should draw on lectures and
All historical explanations – reliable ones, at least – are exercises in zooming in and out
from general trends to specific events. This assignment provides an opportunity to practice that
skill so that we might better employ it in the assignments to come.
2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, 1” margins

use course material onlyreadings:
1. “The Birth of the Twentieth Century”
2. “Westerns Industrialization and the Foundations of the 20th Century”
3. “Industrialization and Imperialism: The Making of the European Global Order”
4. “Precarious Sovereignty: Western Informal Empire and Constricted
Development in Latin America, the Middle East, and China”
–all from Michael Adas, et al., Turbulent Passage: A Global History of the
Twentieth Century, 2nd ed.

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