R programming

Learning Goal: I’m working on a r multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


For this assignment, name your R file pizza.R

  • For all questions you should load tidyverse. You should not need to use any other libraries.
  • Load tidyverse with suppressPackageStartupMessages(library(tidyverse))
  • Download the pizza.csv file from Brightspace and place it in the same folder/directory as your script file. Then in RStudio, set your Working Directory to your Source File location:
  • Load the pizza.csv file like this:
    pizza <- read_csv(‘pizza.csv’)
  • Round all float/dbl values to two decimal places.
    • If your rounding does not work the way you expect, convert the tibble to a dataframe by using as.data.frame()
  • All statistics should be run with variables in the order I state
    • E.g., “Run a regression predicting mileage from mpg, make, and type” would be:

lm(mileage ~ mpg + make + type…)

  • In each of these you must use at least two dplyr functions. You may use Google to look up how to do certain aspects.

Before attempting to answer these, or if you lose points upon an attempt, please review all CodeGrade information provided in the CodeGrade overview submodule – if you do not you are likely to lose points.


  1. Create a dataframe containing driver names of instances where free_wine = 1, discount_customer = 1, and the order contained more than 4 pizzas. (There will be repeated names).
  • The answers should look like the following:
1 [value]
2 [value]
3 [value]
4 [value]
5 [value]
6 [value]

7 [value]

8 [value]

9 [value]

  • If your CodeGrade output is <fct> instead of <chr>, you can use as.character(driver) to convert it
  • Assign that to Q1
  1. Create a variable that is the ratio of bill to pizza, called ratio. What is the mean of that value (call the value mean_ratio)?
  • Assign this to Q2
  1. For each day of the week, what is the variance in pizzas?
  • The created values should be called var_pizzas.
  • The answer should be assigned to Q3 and show look like the following:
1 Friday [value]
2 Monday [value]
3 Saturday [value]
4 Sunday [value]
5 Thursday [value]
6 Tuesday [value]
7 Wednesday [value]


  1. Which operator had the higher average bill?
  • The answer should be assigned to Q4.
  1. What was the highest amount of free wine given by day/driver combination? (For instance, Friday Bruno was 13, while Wednesday Salvator was 12)
  • The answer should be assigned to Q5 and look like the following:
# A tibble: 1 x 3
# Groups: day, driver [1]
day driver n
<chr> <chr> <int>
1 [day] [name] [value]

Depending on how you do this, you might need to convert a to . You can convert a variable using as.integer().

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