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31 Examples of Successful Blogs: The Most Popular Blogs in Every Industry 31 Examples Of Successful Blogs: The Most Popular Blogs In Every Industry // Alpha Investors (Links to an external site.)

Responding to Inquiries Letter

Assume you are a consultant and your job is to evaluate professional blogs for clients. Mr. Simon Znadek has retained your services for his blog evaluation. Using the positive letter format to write your analysis, answer the following questions evaluating the client’s blog.

  1. Choose a professional blog of interest to you. Read a minimum of ten posts. Then, in the letter, respond to the following questions.
  2. What is the name and address of the blog?
  3. What is the target audience for this blog?
  4. How does the comment meet the needs of readers?
  5. What would the target audience choose this blog over a similar blog?
  6. Does the blog author9s) establish credibility?
  7. What type of online reputation does the blog author(s) create?
  8. What design features make the blog effective? What three aspects of this blog will you apply most to your blog if you were to create one?

Respond to this message with a formal letter including sufficient detail. Remember your goal is to make a favorable impression on this prospective client.

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