BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 305 describes Porter’s all five competitive forces and four business strategies in your own words

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Week 2 Paper: Write a short 2-3 page, APA format paper that describes Porter’s all five competitive forces and four business strategies in your own words, research two businesses one that uses Cost-Leadership Strategy and compare and contrast with one that uses Differentiation Strategy. Which one would you prefer to work in or own? Provide an argument for your point of view. Include citations and or examples from the book and outside sources such as Google Scholar and management literature such as Harvard Business Review, LinkedIn, or other management sources. The school’s MyVu website has an e-library. You may use Wikipedia but you have to site the source Wikipedia used.

Example: Walmart vs Neiman Marcus

Format your assignment consistent with APA 7th edition or later guidelines: Cover page, abstract, body, and references page. Minimum of 2 references, preferably from scholarly peer-reviewed sources (MyVu library).

The format of the paper should be as follows: I have created an APA paper template for you; it can be found in the course resources tab. My suggestion is that you save the template to your desktop to help you throughout your academic career.

Title page- Page 1

running head:

Abstract- Page 2

Body of the paper pages 2-3 preferably 2 but definitely no more than 3.

Which includes a review of the literature in the book. Font style, New Times Roman, font size 12. Please see Chapter 6 in particular sections 6.4 to 6.6

Discussion section-

Why does any of it matter, and if necessary, include your personal experience. However, academic writing is completed in the third person, please no personal pronouns, such as “I,” And try and not make statements that are not backed by data. Please quote and attribute objective statements to peer reviewed authors from scholarly articles. Most Scholars agree that there is no original thoughts and thoughts are attributed to written work by previous scholars therefore they should be sited.


A summary of the paper and what you learned.

Reference page

Submit the paper Wednesday, before the start of week 3. (MAY discuss in class)

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