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Write a C program called flip to run on ocelot which will flip bits in a number entered by the user using the binary representation of the number. The user should input the original integer value between 1 and 25000 inclusive using a scanf. Use an unsigned integer type. Output is to the screen. You must use only bitwise operators for this program. You can shift bits and or use the logical bitwise operators.

For this assignment give the user directions asking them to enter the beginning integer. Then ask the user which bit to flip. That can be a number between 0 and 31 each referring to the values 20to 231. Output the new decimal number. Then ask the user if they want to do it again. Use y or n to get the answer. Allow the user to keep doing the operations on the previous result until they enter n. Be sure to validate all user input so the program cannot be crashed.

Code should be nicely indented and commented.

Create a simple Makefile to compile your program into an executable called bitop.

  • If the user enters a 1 as the initial value and a 0 for the bit to flip the result would be 0.
  • If the user enters a 2 for the bit to flip next the result would be 4.
  • If the user enters a 1 for the bit to flip next the result would be 6.
  • If the user enters a 1 for the bit to flip next the result would be 4.
  • If the user enters a 0 for the bit to flip next the result would be 5.

Output should be easy to read as follows. Do not include any extra output.

Enter the starting value: 1
Enter the bit to flip: 0
Result: 0
Do you want to run this again: y
Enter the bit to flip: 2
Result: 4
Do you want to run this again: n

Test the program using the previous commands.

Take a screenshot of the screen showing the output and submit the c. file

Submit your source file, the screenshot and your Makefile in one zip file.

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