Modeling & Understanding Amazon Reviews

Learning Goal: I’m working on a python exercise and need guidance to help me learn.

In this assignment, you will use the code and data set provided to mine the data using the methods presented in this module using NLP Methods. There will be an example in R and Python to work on.Looking at Topic Modeling & Understanding Amazon Reviews). Dataset can be found here (Links to an external site.). Highly recommend reviewing this (Links to an external site.) article.……

Your report should include the following:

Problem Intro: In this section, provide what is the problem/context of the documents that you are going through.
Data Cleansing: In this section, discuss how you cleaned the data up using techniques used in class and the importance of that with using NLP
Did you have to do any key steps before using the data with the NLP techniques
Did any words give you issue?
Analysis: Based on the output, analyze the data and the relationships revealed. Explains the insights provided by the output. Use visualizations to support your analysis. These should relate to what you discussed in the problem intro and how this analysis is relevant to the overall problem.
Think about having word clouds, bar charts, clusters and tables to dr…

Think about having word clouds, bar charts, clusters and tables to drive your point home.
What are the key learnings that we can help a team focus on based on these findings
Does the analysis match the context of the words that we are reviewing.
Interpretation and Recommendations: Interpret the results of your analysis and explain what the results mean for the data owner. Provide recommendations for actions to be taken based on your interpretation. Support those with the data. Explain why and what explicit variables you suggest incorporating. For example, median income by city and state from the website might be useful for examining home ownership.

Your report must be a 5-7 pages Word document. Include an appendix of visualizations and code segments as needed. The report format should follow APA formatting (12pt, Times New Roman font)

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