Nutrition question and discussion

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nutrition question and need support to help me learn.

1) What are the characteristics of the diet used to treat cardiac disease? How has it changed in recent years?

2) What are the characteristics of the diet used to treat chronic kidney disease? Explain why the specific restrictions of the diet are necessary.

3) Describe the difference between tube feeding (enteral nutrition) and TPN (parenteral nutrition).

4) Describe the DASH diet, and the diseases where it may be useful.

5) Describe the levels of a dysphagia diet. What conditions would use a dysphagia diet, and how are patients assigned to a specific level of dysphagia diet?

Clinical and therapeutic nutrition discussion

I would like you to imagine you had a disease that required a specialized dietary treatment. Think about what challenges come with having to change the way you eat and live – what would be difficult and what would be easy to change? How can we be more understanding of people who need to follow dietary modifications because of their health?

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