Procurement risk and contract manegement

Assessment task details and instructions rrocurement involves the management of an organisation’s external resources to ensure that the goods, services, capabilities and knowledge that are necessary for an organisation to achieve its aims and objectives are supplied in an effective and efficient manner. In moving from a tactical to strategic perspective, many organisations have adopted a process approach to procurement, in which a number of different stages can be followed to ensure that an organisation can meet its own customer requirements and generate competitive advantage. Despite the safety precautions utilised, organisations must remain on guard when engaging in procurement activities. There Assessment Information/Brief 2 are several risks associated with procurement, such as the risk of not meeting deadlines or the risk of choosing the wrong supplier.

These risks can be mitigated by careful planning and by using a rigorous procurement process.

For an organisation of your choice, you are asked to:

(a) Evaluate how the different stages of the procurement process can help the organisation to achieve competitive advantage (50%).

(b) Analyse the key risks that the organisation faces at the different stages that you have identified in part (a) (50%)

rlease follow a report format. Therefore, you should have a title page, contents page, sections and sub sections, page numbers, appendix section etc. rlease note if you are uncertain on how to present and structure a report then visit the university library and ask for assistance. rlease do use diagrams, illustrations, tables, graphics etc. wherever these are helpful, and remember that these do not count towards your word limit. If you do use these, please do not put them in the appendices if they are part of your discussion. Appendices are the appropriate places to put supporting material, however, remember if the reader is satisfied with the main points of your discussion; the supporting information within the appendices may not even be reviewed. rlease try to use theory explicitly at all stages, but do not spend too much time describing a theory. While you must be explicit about the theories, models, techniques etc. that you use, you can assume that the reader is familiar with them. What the reader requires is evidence of your ability to understand and apply the theory and learn from in order to support the development of your findings and/or ideas. You must cite all sources on which you have relied, for example textbooks, journal articles, web pages etc. using the Harvard Bibliographic referencing system. If you do not cite all sources, then you may be accused of plagiarism, and that may endanger your success in passing the module. You will also need to take the following into account when completing your assignment: • Quality of executive summary (does it give a brief complete summary of your paper for an executive to read?) • Establishment of relevant theory (e.g. what do we mean by global sourcing?) • Allocation of credit and sources used (have I included references and citations to the material I have used?) • Clarity of argument • Overall report presentation including spelling and grammar • Adherence to nominated word limit (+/- 10%) • Word processed (letter size 12, times new roman, 1.5 space), fully referenced (Harvard Referencing System).

Word count/ duration (if applicable) The maximum word count is 3000 words (+/- 10%). Your word count is from the introduction to conclusion sections. Therefore, it does not include title page, contents page, reference section, appendices etc. If the assignment exceeds these limits; the work in excess of 3000 is not marked

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