PSY332 adolescent reflection

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology writing question and need support to help me learn.

Consider what was discussed today in lecture and in your readings and apply your knowledge to answer the three questions below.

1. Think about one memorable “romantic” relationship during adolescence or early adulthood. Why was it memorable? (Hint: This could be because of positive or negative factors.) Describe it in terms of Sternberg’s Theory of Love, focusing specifically on the seven different forms.

2. Think about where you learned about sex, reproduction, and sexual relationships. When and where did you learn about sex? Did you take sex education in school? Did your parents teach you about sex? Did you learn from your peers? Reflect upon the quality of the information you received from the various sources and the depth of your understanding.

3. What is your personal view about living together with a romantic partner before marriage? What influences have affected your view? How do you think your view fits with family and/or your culture’s expectations?

Remember that while there is no strict word count, I am expecting a thorough and thoughtful response to each of the above questions. I would expect that it would require approximately 150 words for your response to each question above (so your entire submission should be around 450 words). Please number your responses so that it matches the corresponding question to make it easy for me to tell which question you are answering.

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