ENTD261 Week 4 Introduction: Node.js

Learning Goal: I’m working on a programming exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Course name : ENTD261

Week 4: Node.js


Create a simple Node.js server (Save as w4_fougnigue_soro.js) . Create a restful application similar to the one in lesson 4 (ReSTFul Web Services). Document the routing table, and the application you created.

Submit your week 4 work in w4_fougnigue_soro.txt (Please save the file as a text file and upload the text file here for final review.)

Note: node MUST be installed in the entd261 folder. Your code must be saved to the entd261 folder. node cannot be installed in any other folder. Be sure you have done this, or the code will not run in the command line.

Please refer to the attached sample solution file, w4_first_lastName.txt, for help. In place of first and lastName in the file name make sure your first and last names are present.

Requirements Points
Comment block. Instructions on how to run the code with examples 20
Code documentation and comments. 10
Assignment code including creating command line /URL parameter

(see routing table on how to document the URLs)


Reminder: This is what your ENTD261 folder should look like with node installed.



(2.15 KB)





***Week 4

*** How to run: node w4_first_lastName.js

*** This Node.js app will display the inventory of a car shop.

***once the server is running, you will get

***Express server listening on port 44444

***from any browser enter http://localhost:44444/



var express =require (“express”);

var http = require (“http”);

var app = express();

// run the server

app.listen(44444, function(){

console.log(“server is running on port 44444”);


// <<< here is the Model, the data storage

var vehicles = [

{id: 0, make: ‘toyota’, model: ‘corola’, year: 2019, color: ‘blue’},

{id: 1, make: ‘jeep’, model: ‘patriot’, year: 2016, color: ‘red’},

{id: 2, make: ‘honda’, model: ‘civic’, year: 2018, color: ‘white’},

{id: 3, make: ‘chevrolet’, model: ‘cruze’, year: 2019, color: ‘silver’}


// http://localhost:44444// general route

// here is the refer

app.get(“/”, function(req,res){

var message = “”

message += “<center><h1> Welcome to Pemon’s Car Shop </h1></center>”

message += “<center><h2>use the following </h2></center><br/>”

message += “<center> http://localhost:44444/about_us</center><br>”

message += “<center>http://localhost:44444/vehicles</center><br>”

message += “<center>http://localhost:44444/vehicles/3</center><br>”



// <<< routes = controller

// http://localhost:44444/about_us// about_usroute

app.get(“/about_us”, function(req,res){

res.send(“We are here to serve you”);


// http://localhost:44444/vehicles// load and display all vehicles

app.get(‘/vehicles’, function(req, res){



// http://localhost:44444/vehicles/3// load and display vehicle id 3

app.get(‘/vehicles/:id’, function(req, res){

if(req.params.id > (vehicles.length -1) || req.params.id < 0){

res.statusCode = 404;

res.end(‘Vehicle Not Found’);




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