[APA] Healthcare Issue speech

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Your second and final speech is a demonstration of how to do something, like baking a cake, for example. A demonstration normally requires practice beforehand. The speech should be about a healthcare issue (DO NOT approach the subject of universal healthcare as that was already approached, chose another topic relevant to the field of healthcare.

Background Information

Guidelines for speeches:

  1. Be sure to have the three basic parts of a speech:
    1. Introduction.
    2. Discussion (body).
    3. Conclusion.
  2. Focus your content so that it has good unity and a clear message for your specific audience.
  3. Think of internal transitions and signals that show coherence and the development of thoughts.
  4. Plan an interesting “catchy” opening.
  5. End with a “memorable” closing statement.


  1. Prepare and deliver a 800-900 words speech (excluding cover and reference pge).. Select a topic in which you passionately believe and which clearly targets your IWU class audience. Include three supporting materials that are clearly evident in your speech (. The speech should be about a healthcare issue).
  2. Plagiarized works or those with major grammar errors will be heavily penalized. You are a native English speaker, so no poorly written papers are accepted.
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