Quantitavtive methods

For the countries Dubai (developed country) and chile (developing country)

find the data for the variables listed below from the period 1990-2018. You will be able to obtain the data from the World Data Bank. The variables that you need to acquire are:

o Forest area (sq km)

o GDP per capita (constant 2015 US$)

o Populationdensity(peoplepersqkmoflandarea)

o Agricultural land (sq km)

o Urban population



  • a)  Graph the forest area of the two countries on two separate graphs. Comments on the significant features from the graphs. Explain three reasons why there is difference in the forest area between these countries. [8 marks]
  • b)  Find the descriptive statistics for GDP per capita for the developed country. The tables must include the first and third quartile, and the interquartile range. Interpret any 5 items in the descriptive statistics table, including the best measurements of location and dispersion. [8 marks]
  • c)  Create frequency distributions and draw appropriate diagrams for the agricultural land and urban population for the developed country, separately. [12 marks]
  • d)  The forest area depends on GDP per capita of a country. Determine the correlation between these variables and develop the estimated equation for the developing country that you have chosen earlier. Your analysis should include a scatter plot of the data (identifying any unusual points), trend line and explanation on the plot. Obtain the summary output and interpret all the coefficients. Determine whether the regression model and the significance of correlation coefficient is significant at 1% significance level. Write a short report on your analysis. [21 marks]
  • e)  You read a recent journal article and found out that the determinants of forest area are GDP per capita, population density, urban population, and agricultural land. You decided to use the data of the developing country to see whether you could apply what you read in the article. Do the necessary analysis using the appropriate regression and hypothesis tests that you have learnt and write a report on the findings.



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