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Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography project and need support to help me learn.

PROMPT: What do you think is the greatest challenge(s) facing our world today and in the future?What roles or responsibilities do individuals across the globe have in addressing that challenge(s)? Do they have any – why or why not? What are your roles or responsibilities? Do you think the issue(s) you identified can be resolved? Are there tough questions that we — as a global society — are going to have to ask ourselves? Are we willing to find and/or commit to solutions to those questions? Is your overall outlook on our global future positive or negative – why?

[You do not need to answer each of these questions, but they are there to get you thinking about how to address or solve the challenge(s) you identified.]

Yes, I realize these are deep and complex questions, but just reflect back on what we have covered in class along with your own perspectives and thoughts. Remember, it’s your future, too. Nothing and no one exist in complete isolation. Reflect on the content covered throughout the semester and your identity as a global citizen. Consider the scale, complexity, feasibility, and other issues of addressing and/or resolving your identified challenge(s). Think about how regions function, how they are interconnected, etc.

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