Scriptwriting Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a scriptwriting exercise and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.


Create a simple Python application (Save as .

Create a Python script that takes two parameters to do the following:-

1) List all files names, size, date created in the given folder

2) Parameter1 = Root Folder name

Parameter2= File size >>> to filter file size ( you can do =, > or <) it is up to you, or a range.

The script should check and validate the folder name, and the size

The script should loop until find all files greater than the specified size in all the sub-folders

3) Use try-exception block (Make sure that the error messages do not reveal any of the application code)

4) Optionally, you can save the list into a file “Results.txt” using the redirection operator, do not create the file in the script.

Submit your week 5 work in w5_firstname_lastname.txt (Please save the file as a text file and upload the text file here for final review.)

Please refer to the attached sample solution file, w5_first_lastName.txt, for help. In place of first and lastName in the file name make sure your first and last names are present.

Requirements Points
Comment block. Instructions on how to run the code with examples 20
Code documentation and comments. 10
Assignment code including creating command line parameter 70

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