Philosophy Question

Ethics Exam

Question 1

Pick one case from the following Baby Theresa, Jody and Marry, or Tracy Latimer from chapter one. Give an evaluation of what the correct action(s) are from the perspective of the ethics of care. Please approach the chosen case as if you think the ethics of care is correct and evaluate what the right thing to do is from there. Please include how you understand ‘care’. In other words, include what your definition of care is.

Question 2

In your own words summarize the main point of the The Irrationality of Natural Life Sentences from our discussion of theories of justice. Find one quote from the reading that illustrates this main idea and include it in your written response. Make sure to use quotation marks to indicate what you have taken from the article. Your quote does not count towards your word total.

Question 3

Explain a core component of stoicism, for example what is within your power.  How might this be useful in your own life?

Question 4 

can we have and all-encompassing definition of feminism that everyone will accept?


Question 5 


Historically the thought that men and women think differently has not been used to subordinate the thought process of women.



Question 6 


What’s one of the central concepts of the ethics of care?

Question 6 options:

Our caring, empathy, and our ability to feel with others are what should guide our moral behavior
We should strive to follow universal and impartial rules in our moral behavior.
That women are better than men.
none of the abvoe


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