Public Health Issues

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Public Health Issues and Threat

You have learned much in the program about Community and Public Health. You have studied populations, health disparities, cultural influences and the effect of socioeconomic status on the health of the individual as well as the health of the community at large as a result.

Contemplate what you have learned in the textbooks and articles. Reflect on what you have witnessed in communities to which you have been exposed. After you have thought about it for awhile, what is a condition that is found in individuals or communities that you believe to be a threat to the overall wellbeing of a culture or geographic community. For example, we have seen in the news the effect of targeted propaganda against vaccinating. The target was a highly closed off cultural community within New York City. The effects have been a huge public health issue causing children to be banned from schools and public places in an effort to stem the rise of measles in that part of the city.

In your original posting, name a condition or situation that is or could become a threat to the general wellbeing of a community. Use appropriate references and cite them using APA format. They need not be scholarly references, but do try to identify which are or are not trustworthy. In fact, it is the untrustworthy source that can cause the greatest threat as has been the case with vaccinations and other subjects of concern.

In any posting, feel free to critically think and speculate on HOW the issue/condition threatens the community as a whole, not just the individual. For instance, does heart disease REALLY take a toll on the community? After all, it is not contagious and therefore only effects the individual with the condition.

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