Psychology Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

What the movie “Bang Bang you’re dead” the free movie link is attached


ubmit a paper, on Canvas (minimum 600 words), double-spaced, font size about 12.

No attachments!

Answer each part, of the following two questions, in order to earn full credit.

That works out to about 300 words, minimum, for each of the two questions.

If you read the two questions, prior to viewing the movie, the questions will answer themselves as you watch. Watch with pencil & paper at hand.

1. Watch and evaluate the movie ‘Bang, Bang, You’re Dead”

Find it free, on youtube. Thank you youtube!

Refer to the main characters, throughout the documentary, by their names.

Consider thinking critically’, about each of the main characters home environments. (Include personal CT guidelines here.)

Include a minimum of 8, personal, critical thinking guidelines throughout your post, in order to earn full credit.

A. How might the main characters individual home environments have played a role in the choices they made throughout the movie. (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

(See critical thinking guidelines below).

B. What were the teachers and counselors strengths & weaknesses? Refer to them by their names.

C. What did you like & dislike about the movie & why? (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

D. What was surprising, or what do you wish had been presented differently, and why?

(Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

E. What lessons did you learn from this movie? (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

F. What do you believe is the ‘answer’ to our problem with ‘school shootings’ in the USA? (What do we need to do, as a culture? (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

G. Include a personal example, including CT skills, of bullying. Something that happened to you, or someone you know! (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

Always use your best personal examples of your critical thinking skills.

2. Folk wisdom abounds with advise for dealing with stress.

“Take a deep breath.” “Count to 10.” “Think happy thoughts.”

Remember to include personal, examples of your emotions using all 8 critical thinking guidelines, throughout your post in order to earn full credit.

A. Jot down four, or five, strategies that you commonly use to deal with stress in your life stressors. Include a personal example and CT skills. (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

B. Based on current research findings, that you learned in chapter 11, how effective are the techniques you rely on? Include a personal example and CT skills. (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

C. Do some of your strategies work better for some forms of stress (e.g. studying) whereas some are better suited to other situations (e.g., relationship issues, family matters)? Include a personal example and CT skills. (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

D. What, if anything, will you do differently, in order to help manage your stress and become a better coper? Include a personal example and CT skills. (Include a personal CT guidelines here.)

8 Critical thinking guidelines:

1. Ask questions; be willing to wonder.

2. Define the problem.

3. Examine the evidence.

4. Analyze assumptions and biases.

5. Avoid emotional reasoning.

6. Don’t oversimplify

7. Consider other interpretations.

8. Tolerate uncertainty.

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