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3.6 Research Paper Topic Outline and Resources

Assignment | Graded


  • Create a bias-free, conversational message which actively engages the message recipient
  • Explain the value of revising, tailoring, and proofreading a message before finalizing
  • Identify issues to consider when distributing a message


In two to three sentences, submit a brief description of your research paper topic (A or B) accompanied by at least two supporting resources in APA format.

  • Topic A
    Persuade a legislator to propose legislation to (a) create a new law; (b) modify an existing law, or (c) repeal a law. If you choose this approach, the paper should be addressed to a legislator at any level (federal, state, or local). Assume your legislator will be able to act on your proposal. You may write a cover letter to the legislator, but the rest of your proposal should include all elements of a research paper as outlined in the rubric (see rubric). You may include the law as one of your resources, but you must also have at least two other outside resources to support your proposal. NOTE: Your instructor cannot act on your proposal, as this is an in-class assignment only.
  • Topic B
    Propose a change in your company’s policies and procedures. Be specific about which policy should be changed, how it should be changed, and how it can be implemented. You may include your company’s policy manual as one of your resources, but you must also have at least two other outside resources to support your proposal.
  • Resources
    Your position must be supposed by research that is formally and properly documented in APA style. You must have at least two resources other than your textbook and the specific resource related to the topic outlined above.


  • Two to three sentences
  • At least two supporting resources in APA format



Bovée, C. L., & Thill, J. V. (2019). Business communication essentials: Fundamental skills for the mobile-digital-social workplace. (8th ed.) Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-13-472940-4

  • Chapter 4: Writing Business Messages
  • Chapter 5: Completing Business Messages
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