Please answer the questions based on the slides provided

Learning Goal: I’m working on a political science test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

I have few questions that need a full answer. After I submit them there might be one or 2 more questions. This is timed assignment and will go through plagiarism checker. So please if you can go over the slides and answer the questions, I can start the assignment and if there are other questions I will send them to you. Please send the slides provided and no outside sources.

1 . Briefly explain the difference between civil liberties and civil rights.

2. Which rights and freedoms for citizens do you think our government does a good job of protecting? Why? Which rights and freedoms could it better protect and how?

3. Should all activities of the government be open to media coverage? Why or why not? In what circumstances do you think it would be appropriate for the government to operate without transparency?

4. In your own words explain the functions of the political parties.

5. In your own words explain Martin Luther King Jr’s “civil disobedience” and Malcolm X’s ” by any means necessary”

6. Which agents of socialization will have the strongest impact on an individual? Provide an example using yourself.

I may send 1 or 2 more questions after you send the answers for this.

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