COM 250 conflict resolution

Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Hello, I have an assignment for my conflict resolution class, Please make sure to watch the lecture video and read the material before starting the assignment :

Lecture video about the chapter needed for the assignment : , and attached the material for that chapter.

The instructions are below :

For your first case study you will need to recognize, analyze and report on the use of conflict styles. Based on week 1 lecture and notes

See the conflict style videos here for examples:

Conflict Style Case Study Playlist:

Student examples: Conflict styles

Conflict Styles

1. You will watch or read some form of media: ( tv show, netflix show, movie, literature)

2. You will be looking for the use of two conflict styles on a tv show, movie, story, etc. Identify the two conflict styles you see (correctly). It can be two characters or one character using different styles. Explain how they use this conflict style

For example: Annalise Keating from how to get away with murder often uses a competitive conflict style, exerting her expertise and social network power on other people. She often escalates conflict and attempts to win every argument.

or Larry David and Lin Manuel Miranda on a curb episode:

4. Please write and full sentences and proofread.

5. No more than 2 paragraphs

6. Please use and apply terms from the course discussions and materials.

7. Share the youtube or media link.

Longer example:

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David Is in the process of producing his musical

called “Fatwa!”. Throughout the entire show, Larry displays a variety of conflict styles. Most frequently, he uses a competitive and aggressive method to approach conflict. In this specific episode, Larry uses accommodation, to the point of self-sabotage, as his conflict style of choice. The triggering conflict event occurs when Lin-Manuel sits at the head desk of an empty office, instead of the shared sitting area near Larry. The sitting arrangement placed Lin-Manuel in a position of power over Larry and allowed Lin-Manuel to control the conversation surrounding the musical’s specifics. Larry David, who is avoiding confrontation in fear of losing his musical’s lead, accommodates Lin-Manuel’s demands at the expense of his creative vision

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