MGT610 Mastering Leadership Theories And Concept

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

This task focus is on in-depth exploration of Authentic Leadership and Servant Leadership. This assignment asks you to evaluate these two approaches using examples to support your analysis. There are two sections to this assignment, which will be submitted together as one document:

Part 1: Authentic Leadership
Begin with a 2-full-page analysis of Walumba’s Authentic Leadership Model (Figure 9.2, Chapter 9) and explain how the arrows work. Specifically, how do positive psychological capacities and moral reasoning interact with critical life events? How do critical life events influence self-awareness, and so on? Explanations should be supported with hypothetical or real-life examples. After thinking through this model, are there any parts that are unclear? For example, do critical life events always lead to self-awareness or internalized moral perspective? If not, what else would explain why some people become authentic leaders through such life events and others do not? Does one’s previous ability to reason morally have more to do with leadership development than life events? Ground your analysis of this model with real-world or hypothetical examples that support your reasoning and conclusions.

Part 2: Servant Leadership
To complete this section, choose someone you think is a contemporary servant leader. Write a minimum of 2-full-page reaction paper of why you consider them to be an example of servant leadership. Use specific examples to support your arguments that the leadership characteristics or behaviors exhibited by this person fit most or all of Spear’s 10 SL characteristics or Liden’s 6 SL behaviors. You should also explain how the concept of servant leadership provides a useful way to understand this person’s leadership (i.e., What unique insights does this approach give us that other approaches do not?).

To earn full credit, provide a Word document with a minimum of 4 full pages. In addition to the assigned reading, you should conduct your own research using the university library. Sources should be peer-reviewed (academic literature) and must not be older than five (5) years. You should find at least three (3) peer-reviewed articles in addition to any assigned readings. Support your work with APA formatted citations and references. The references will appear on their own page(s) and the page count does not include the cover page or reference section.

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