Demonstration speech and outline

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

I am going to need the speech and the outline. You cannot choose the same topic that the professor used for the example (outline)

Instructions for speech

In this speech, you will be asked to demonstrate for the class a process, or the steps of a process. Try to pick a process that is of interest to you. For instance, you could show the class how to bake a cake, you could show the class how to put together a model car, or you could show the class how to dissect a worm. The sky is the limit in terms of what you choose to do (of course, keep it appropriate). Your primary goal should be to teach the audience how to do something.

As you decide what you want to teach the class, keep in mind a few points. First, the speech should be about “showing” the audience how to do something, not just “telling” them how to do it. Second, try to pick something you can accomplish in less than seven (7) minutes. Third, consider the needs of the audience as you show them the process.

Make sure to have a good introduction, body, and conclusion. Make sure the introduction accomplishes all the goals of an introduction and the conclusion accomplishes all the goals of the conclusion. Strive for main points that are balanced and fully developed. Use your body productively. Strive for vocal variety. DO NOT READ THE SPEECH!!

Include previews within the speech (Later we will discuss …), internal summaries

(So far we have discussed …), and signposts (First, Second, Third). Try to use vivid language – add metaphor, alliteration, etc.

In addition, I will expect a visual aid that you will use to help demonstrate the process you are discussing. You should use the aid to illustrate the points you are making. The aid should not overwhelm your speech. You should not expect the visual aid to make transitions for you, etc.

The organization pattern should also be appropriate to the speech you are giving (it should reflect your concern with fulfilling the purpose of the speech and the needs of the audience).

Other than that, HAVE FUN!!!

Instructions for outline


To inform my classmates how to fold an origami frog.

I. Introduction

  1. Teaser: Story about the princess and the frog.
  2. Thesis: A hopping origami frog is simple to make.
  3. Preview Statement: Folding the frog will require three steps: first folding the base; second, the bottom; and third, the top.

Transition: Let’s hop to the first step: building the base.

II. Body

A. Main Point 1: The base involves two folds and a squeeze.

  1. Fold one
  2. Fold two
  3. The squeeze

Transition: Now that we have a base, we can fold the bottom.

B. Main Point 2: The bottom folds allow us to give the frog legs.

  1. The diamond
  2. The chest
  3. The legs

Transition: With the bottom completed, it’s time to finish the frog.

C. Main Point 3: Once we fold the top, we can finish the frog and make it hop.

  1. The back legs
  2. The spring

Transition: Now you know how to fold an origami frog.

III. Conclusion

  1. Restate Main Points: Just remember the three simple steps: folding the base, folding the bottom, and folding the top.
  2. Restate Thesis: Making an origami frog is easy.
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