High School Thematic Reading Unit Outline and two lesson plans

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This assignment places emphasis on the foundations of Reading and Writing development as related to the development of word recognition, language comprehension, strategic knowledge, and the reading-writing connection. This process provides opportunities for the candidates to discuss the benefits of using a Thematic Unit to enhance and expand Content Area Reading/Literacy skills as they view and discuss exemplary models for adolescent learners. This process also includes the connection of various major theorists and related research to concepts and strategies that will be utilized in planning and implementing the unit. During the planning phase of the Thematic Unit, candidates must also infuse a variety of classroom configurations that include whole classsmall group, and individual to differentiate instruction. (ILA 5.4). A minimum of two lessons is required.

Prepare a Thematic unit. This unit will relate to the curriculum in a content area that you identify. It will

include a minimum of two lessons. The unit outline and lesson outline are provided below. On 1-2 pages you will summarize, evaluate, and reflect on the Thematic Unit culminating experiences.

Unit Outline

A Goals (objectives). State both overall (overarching) goals and specific goals and relate them to the state standards, by identifying the subject area and the related goals

  1. Resources, which will include printed materials, trade books, videos, computer software, Internet sites, photographs, and any other appropriate materials. All mate­rials should be annotated.
  2. Introductory experiences
  3. Lesson plans in this format
  4. Specific objective
  5. Materials for this lesson
  6. Anticipatory set
  7. Learning experiences
  8. Questions (be sure to include higher-order thinking questions)
  9. Review, summary, closing
  10. Evaluation—include possible reteaching strategies
  11. Unit culminating experiences
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