Project Management

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Select an Information Systems project that you will be expected to execute sometime in the near future from the larger perspective of your specialization in bachelor’s program: Human Resource, Accounts and Finance, or Logistic & Supply Chain, and complete the tasks below.1)

Task 1 – Research and Literature on • The Challenges Facing the Field of Organisational Change Management; • Diagnosing Change in Organizations and the Role of Change Agents; • The Process of Change: Readiness to Change and Designing Change Frameworks • Managing Resistance to Change • The Role of Leadership and Culture Change during Transformational Change. The following is expected: You should perform a comprehensive literature review on the above to include at least 5 academic resources for each, academic resources can include: books – research articles – popular websites, and must be coherently presented. You must also critique the selected references. All resources should be cited using APA 7th edition referencing style. [150 to 200 words for each]

2) Task 2 – Perform a complete feasibility assessment to support the chosen Information Systems project. The following must be included: (60 Marks)

a. Technical feasibility [20 marks]

b. Operational feasibility [20 marks]

c. Economic feasibility (cost & benefit analysis)

(Sample of the project attached to the Word file)

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