Topic 4 DQ 1 (Obj. 4.1 and 4.3),,,

Learning Goal: I’m working on a powerpoint presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

PowerPoint Presentation on Quality Children’s Literature and Quality Read-Aloud Experiences


You are a teacher at an early learning center that serves children from infancy through early elementary (K–3) age. You have a passion for children’s books and have worked hard to educate yourself on the characteristics of quality children’s literature across multiple genres. To communicate your love of books and reading to the children you work with, you have also developed your skill and talent for reading aloud to children. Through tone, cadence, animated expressions, enthusiasm, or even earnest solemnity, the artistry of storytelling can create a unique shared experience while nurturing positive dispositions toward reading and language learning.

With this knowledge and experience in mind, you decide to share what you have learned about quality children’s literature and quality read-aloud experiences with your colleagues through a PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Part One recommends quality fiction and nonfiction books across multiple genres for a specific age group, and explains information and examples for evaluating children’s literature based on guidelines for quality;
  • Identify four children’s books appropriate for your target age group:
    • Two or three fiction books, each representing a different genre (e.g., fantasy, folklore, realistic fiction);
    • One or two nonfiction books, each representing a different genre or topic (e.g., biography; informational book on a specific theme, such as animals, families, different cultures).
  • Evaluate each book using the resource “Ten Steps for Reviewing Children’s Books” at and other appropriate criteria from any of the other resources provided in Topic 1, Activities 2 and 3, of this Competency.

Ensure that the four books you select represent the following:

  • Each book meets guidelines for quality, including two specific examples you can explain in your evaluation;
  • Each book is characteristic of the specific genre;
  • Each book has qualities that make it a good choice for promoting children’s positive dispositions toward reading and language learning;

PowerPoint Layout!

  • Title Slide: “Evaluating Quality Literature and Quality Read-Aloud Experiences for Young Children”
  • Part One Introduction: Quality Literature for Young Children (1 slide)
    • Identify the age group you are addressing;
    • Explain three key criteria that you used to select books for your target age group.
  • Part One 4 Featured Books (8 slides/2 slides per book)
    For each of the four books you have selected and evaluated:

    • Identify the title, author, and genre;
    • Briefly summarize the book’s key characters, events, and/or themes;
    • Explain how the book is characteristic of the specific genre;
    • Explain why the book is an appropriate choice for your target age group;
    • Explain your evaluation of the book based on quality standards, including at least two examples of how the book is free of misinformation and stereotypes identified in “Ten Steps to Reviewing Children’s Books”;
  • Explain how this high-quality book can support positive dispositions toward reading and language learning in young children.
    • Part One Summary (1 slide)
    • Explain your three top tips for evaluating quality children’s literature for your target age group
  • Part Two Summary (1 slide)
    • Explain at least three reasons why reading aloud to children can promote positive dispositions toward reading and language learning.
  • References (1 slide)
    • Cite all resources used in creating Parts One and Two of your PowerPoint Presentation in APA style.
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