write and run a bash shell script

Learning Goal: I’m working on a programming project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Task 2: Linux Server System Administration Tasks (Process scheduling, backup and recovery using bash shell scripting)

You are to write and run a bash shell script that will perform the following tasks:

• Takes a file as an argument and creates a backup of the file. (5%) (done)
• Analyses the disk usage of the server; (10%) (if the disk space is more than 90%; an email is sent to the administrator (done)

• Monitors high CPU usage. (5%)
• Creates a report of the above (disk and CPU usage); to be auto-generated on a
particular day of each month. (5%)

• Batch add users with default passwords set. (10%)

• Batch remove users, including their default home directories. (10%)

• All the tasks above are incorporated in one bash shell script. (20%)

• When the the script is run, the system administrator is shown a menu to choose
which task to perform. (10%)

For question one and two i have already done, you can use it if you need them:


#backup a file

if [ -f "$1" ]


 cp "$1" /tmp/"$1".bak


 echo "Error: file not found"

 exit 1

#analyse disk usage

df -h
#if disk space is more than 90%

if [ `df -h | grep /dev/sda1 | awk '{print $5}' | cut -d'%' -f1` -gt 90 ]


 mail -s "Disk Space Alert" a..r@example.com <<< "The disk space on the server is running low."


Task 3: Linux Server System Administration Documentation
Provide a readme.txt file that explains clearly how to use the bash script you created in Task 2 of the assignment

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