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Read, study and analyze chapters 1 and 7 of the book Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction.

She then evaluates the following case and designs a web interface with the requested features.


XYZ Company offers technology consulting. Its star service: advice on the configuration of iPhone and Android phones. They have another service: it is advice on the purchase of a new telephone according to the needs of the client. The service is currently oriented towards the customer market between 18 and 40 years old and has the following characteristics:

The service is currently carried out by telephone by dialing 1-800-ADVISOR.

When the customer dials the number, a voice answering machine is activated and follows the programmed script.

Technician: Dial 1

Sales: Dial 2

If the Sales option is checked, it communicates directly with a sales representative.

If the Technician option is checked, another list is offered:

For Android: Dial 1

For iPhone: Dial 2

Regardless of the platform of the chosen phone, the following list is offered:

To install software: Dial 1

To configure the operating system: Dial 2

Choosing option 1 or 2 establishes communication with the technical representative.


Due to the fact that calls from older adults have increased in recent quarters and these, in turn, have not been attended as they should be, the sales manager has modified the existing market segment to serve people over 40 years of age. However, the phone box is very limited for your needs.

The manager needs you to design a web interface with the following features:

That is friendly and provokes in the client the feeling that his doubts are addressed and resolved.

That it contains a correct access to the information of the services offered by the company XYZ (include menu on the page).

It must include aspects of assisted interaction, such as agents, representatives of online services and explain step by step what the process would be like.

You must apply a minimum of five (5) elements of a GUI, as learned in task 2.1.

Make rough sketches (drawings) of what the web page(s) (interface) would look like.

Important: You will need more than 2 sketches to show the different interfaces.

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